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Emerging Technologies Webinar: Crafting a Great Proposal

August 27, 2020

The Emerging Technologies Team has reviewed hundreds of proposals for energy-saving projects. So what makes a proposal successful? Tim Cycyota from the Emerging Technologies Team lays out the keys to a great proposal.

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BWISE Webinar: Emerging Technologies Initiative

June 10, 2020

Black Women in Science and Engineering hosted Jes Rivas, a representative from the Emerging Technologies Team, to discuss the Emerging Technologies initiative. Jes explained the funding opportunities available, shared project examples and outlined how organizations and companies can get involved.

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WBDC Webinar: ComEd® Emerging Technologies Offer

October 30, 2019

In this webinar presented by the Women's Business Development Center, Kelly Mulder from the Emerging Technologies Team provided an overview of the program and how your organization can get involved.

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Income Eligible Webinar: Call for Ideas

April 3, 2019

Learn more about the outcomes of our 2018 Income Eligible Call for Ideas. During this one-hour webinar, we provided an overview of our progress and pilots to date and reviewed some initial results.

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Impacts of Passive House Standard Examined

Recently, in partnership with LUCHA, we studied the energy savings and non-energy benefits of the Passive House standard in affordable new construction multi-family buildings. We compared the standard to the best practices seen in the ENERGY STAR® multi-family building certification. View highlights >


DHPs Versus Status Quo: The Results Are In

We recently completed a project that tested high-performance, cold-climate mini-split ductless heat pumps (DHPs) for income eligible customers living in multi-family buildings in ComEd’s service territory. The results of the study indicate there is energy savings potential for DHPs, but barriers still exist when it comes to the integration of this technology into income eligible energy efficiency programs—especially surrounding cost effectiveness. View highlights >


Bring Your Big Idea to Life

The Emerging Technologies Team continually seeks opportunities to invest in innovative projects. Do you have an idea you'd like to propose? Check out the ComEd Energy Efficiency Potential Study which provides a comprehensive assessment of the customer segments and energy efficiency opportunities that offer the most energy savings potential for the ComEd Energy Efficiency Program portfolio. Then, watch our on-demand webinar: Crafting a Great Proposal and review our submission guidelines for help on how to get started.

Making an Impact Through Strategic Partnerships

As part of the ComEd Energy Efficiency Program, our Emerging Technologies initiative explores innovative ways to better serve our customers. We recently completed a project that explored a new outreach model to recruit a customer segment that can be difficult to reach with energy efficiency programs—income eligible seniors. View highlights >

New Insights Into Income Eligible Customers

Recently, the Emerging Technologies Team partnered with Evergreen Economics to assess the needs of income eligible households with high levels of energy use. Through an initial data analysis, bilingual online and phone surveys, plus in-home follow-ups, we identified several key characteristics of these households. 

While our research showed there is no single cause behind each home’s high energy use, the data and insights collected by this study will prove vital to future outreach and engagement of this economically vulnerable population. View details > 

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