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Project Launch: 09/01/2021

Partners: Slipstream, Center for Energy and Environment (CEE)

Slipstream and CEE are leading a ComEd Air Source Heat Pump Training for HVAC Energy Efficiency Service Providers (EESPs) in the ComEd service territory. The goal of this training is to increase contractor knowledge of heat pump systems, break down market barriers and increase adoption of air source heat pumps.


Air source heat pumps are an efficient technology that can heat and cool customers’ homes using less energy, however there are currently several market barriers that are limiting adoption in the ComEd service territory. Slipstream and CEE are working with ComEd to break down these barriers by leading an 18-month heat pump training program for EESPs. This multi-faceted training includes webinars, lunch and learns, on-demand learning and direct training opportunities. The training will cover a range of topics specific to air source heat pumps, including system types, sales techniques, design challenges and installation best practices. The primary goals of the training program are to address the key barriers to heat pump installations and increase adoption of heat pumps in the ComEd territory.