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Project Launch: 03/01/2019

Partner: Slipstream

Slipstream conducted a market analysis and testing of an incentive offering for all-electric new construction homes in Illinois to determine the viability of a program offering.


This research project quantified the current market size, homebuyer demand and growth trajectory of the all-electric homes market in Illinois along with associated program cost and energy savings potential. This included a market analysis informed by secondary research and interviews with local builders and home energy raters. The findings from the market analysis were used to evaluate potential pathways for incentivizing deeper levels of energy efficiency in residential new construction. The research team then compared various incentive strategies for all-electric homes using existing ComEd incentive offerings. The team’s recommendations for an all-electric homes pilot led to the creation of partnerships with builders and incentivizing 5-20 homes for construction in 2020-2021.

Results and Outcomes

Market analysis and incentive strategy development were completed in 2019-2020.  For 2021, the program focus was testing the implementation strategy for incentivizing all-electric homes and developing builder collaboration in the new construction market. In 2021, the adjusted goal was to provide an incentive toward 20 completed all-electric homes. The program achieved 90% of this goal, closing out 2021 with 18 completed projects. The program did not have 2021 savings goals but will claim 2021 electric savings after third party evaluation led by the Program implementation team in 2022.