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Project Launch: 08/01/2021
Image of Quinn Chapel from Flickr user Teemu008, used under CC BY-SA 2.0:

Partner: Slipstream

This project seeks to better understand the needs of the Bronzeville community and its businesses. Through a more comprehensive community-driven outreach approach, the project team will examine how innovative technical solutions and methods of delivering energy efficiency may be able to help address those needs.


ComEd is testing a community-based outreach approach in Chicago’s Bronzeville neighborhood. This project will engage residents, landlords, businesses, property owners and community organizations to determine their specific needs and how energy efficiency solutions may address those needs. For interested customers, the project team will assess the customer site and consult with the customer, as well as designers to determine which next generation technology applications, particularly for building HVAC systems, may best align with customer needs. The project team will then coordinate installation, monitoring and verification of energy savings, providing solutions to customer needs while also providing additional information on the application of these technologies.