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Project Launch: 01/01/2021
Cross Cutting

Partner: Mapdwell

Through geospatial data, remote sensing and energy modeling at the individual building level, this project will identify aggregate energy efficiency opportunities for ComEd.


While analysis of customer meter data may be useful in identifying energy efficiency opportunities on its own, the addition of high-quality geospatial and remote sensing data can provide a more complete picture of individual building characteristics and requirements that allows energy efficiency offerings to provide the greatest possible impact. As part of this project, the team will deploy a proprietary rapid baseline energy modeling technology to a community of interest in the ComEd service territory. Data from the baseline energy modeling technology will identify confidence levels for the assessment of energy efficiency opportunities at the individual building level and insight at the aggregate level for the community. An analysis of a random sample of buildings across the ComEd service territory will be conducted to determine the territory-wide potential for this assessment approach.