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Project Launch: 08/01/2020
Cross Cutting

Partners: Alliance for Water Efficiency, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

This field evaluation seeks to better understand energy savings and economic viability of switched reluctance motors in commercial and industrial HVAC applications in the ComEd service territory.


The Alliance for Water Efficiency (AWE) and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) are leading a multi-utility-client cooling tower study, including ComEd. PNNL collected data on cooling tower water consumption and developed a Cooling Tower Estimating Model (CTEM) to determine cooling tower cooling demand and water consumption. Along with the CTEM, PNNL developed best practices for identifying water-cooled facilities and estimating their consumptive and non-consumptive water demands for cooling.

ComEd supported additional tasks to determine the water savings and energy savings potential of new and alternative treatment technologies for cooling towers and to identify potential barriers to implementing these technologies.