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Project Launch: 10/01/2018

Partner: AECOM

AECOM tested new strategies to introduce information about ComEd energy efficiency incentives to commercial real estate customers and better understand how to take advantage of the limited selling period to motivate building owners.


When commercial real estate changes hands, the new owners typically make significant investments in upgrades and repairs. For this project, AECOM took advantage of this time-of-transfer period to help building teams better understand how to employ ComEd Energy Efficiency Program offerings to help real estate investors attract and retain tenants while meeting energy efficiency goals.

For each participant in the pilot, AECOM developed a tailored energy incentive acceleration plan. This plan provided the customer with energy efficiency opportunities and assisted them in participating in existing ComEd Energy Efficiency Program offerings. AECOM held follow-up meetings to encourage each customer to apply by the end of the year.


AECOM engaged the owners of 20 large commercial real estate properties and provided each with a comprehensive energy upgrade plan. Fifteen of the 20 customers submitted project applications during the pilot period.