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Project Launch: 01/01/2018
Cross Cutting

Partners: Elevate

This research project helped ComEd quantify the system-wide energy savings associated with water efficiency and explore new approaches to encouraging ComEd® customers to save water.


The research was cross-cutting in scope, addressing all market segments of ComEd customers. Elevate conducted a literature review and led discussions with local water utility stakeholders (Metropolitan Water Reclamation District and Chicago Department of Water Management) to develop a TRM workpaper with an energy-water factor accounting for water-system-wide energy savings created during conservation activities at customer sites. The energy savings from hot water reduction (water heating) was already known for many measures; however, the distribution and treatment system savings of cold-water reduction had not yet been explored.


The project team submitted a TRM workpaper that was eventually accepted into TRM version 7 as a secondary savings factor added to existing water conservation-related measures. A report was also produced with examples of water utility incentive programs, water-energy utility partnerships, and recommendations for new potential measures focused on cold water efficiency. Much of the Emerging Technologies Team’s work on this topic in 2019 was informed by this research project.