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Project Launch: 10/01/2020

Partner: DNV

This field evaluation will assess the potential savings of a refrigeration technology that may benefit ComEd commercial customers.


Some refrigeration systems experience a reduction in efficiency due to refrigerant material boiling before entering the evaporator (“flash gas”). Flash gas condensers use a phase change material to remove heat absorbed by refrigerant when forced through the thermal expansion valve before entering the evaporator, keeping the refrigerant in liquid form. This reduces the energy required to cycle the refrigeration system and stabilizes the refrigeration cycle.

The project team will evaluate the energy savings of installing flash gas condensers into the walk-in coolers and freezers of commercial customers in the ComEd service territory. They will determine a baseline of energy use, monitor each site after installation and ensure that the analysis isolates the flash gas condenser savings from other energy savings. A technical write-up and workpaper will be drafted for submission to the Illinois Technical Reference Manual.