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Project Launch: 08/01/2021

Partners: Leidos, ExxonMobil

This field evaluation examines the energy savings potential of energy-efficient gear and hydraulic oils. The project team is currently recruiting demonstration sites.


Industrial gear reduction and hydraulic systems use gear and hydraulic oils to transfer input energy to output power. Gear and hydraulic oils also protect critical system components from premature wear. Energy-efficient gear and hydraulic oil lubricants meet these requirements and provide reduced energy consumption in addition to having a lower coefficient of friction which reduces the friction between moving parts in the motor. The total savings potential in ComEd's service territory is estimated to be 21.5 GWh for gear oils and 6.5 GWh for hydraulic oils.

The project team is conducting field tests for both energy-efficient gear and hydraulic oils to validate the savings potential across multiple sites and customer types in ComEd’s service territory. Both technologies are currently in the Illinois TRM as provisional measures and the project team is hoping to collect the necessary data to make them permanent measures in the TRM in addition to incorporating them into the ComEd Energy Efficiency Program portfolio.