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Project Launch: 06/01/2016

Partner: Bidgely

This pilot tested the Bidgely Home Energy Monitor application for behavioral change in residential customers.


This pilot targeted residential customers, combining energy usage information and digital messages to help customers save energy. Customers opted in to downloading Bidgely’s Home Energy Monitor application. Using AMI data for their households, customers received energy usage information in hourly, daily, and monthly increments. This information was further disaggregated into heating load, cooling load, pool pump load and always-on load segments. Customers also received tips and recommendations to reduce consumption, as well as actual and projected spend for the current billing cycle. Some pilot participants also received a HomeBeat Home Area Network device allowing real-time usage information through a connection with their smart meter.


After evaluation, this pilot demonstrated PY9 (June 1, 2016 to December 31, 2017) verified savings of 99,586 kWh for 1,218 participants. This represented an average of 1.1 percent of participant energy use; however, participants who logged in to the app more often were shown to have saved more energy. The measure life was deemed to be one year for the pilot evaluation, and there may have been some self-selection bias in enrollment as pilot participants had lower average home energy usage than other ComEd® Energy Efficiency Program participants.

Several valuable lessons were learned throughout this pilot, including best practices related to AMI data access, customer recruitment, residential pilot design, energy use disaggregation services, and how customers prefer to access and receive energy usage information. Due to small savings potential and short measure life, this pilot has not yet been scaled into a larger program offering.