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Project Launch: 08/01/2021
Income Eligible

Partners: Elevate, Slipstream

ComEd is partnering with Elevate to support a large-scale pilot initiative that will demonstrate the feasibility of whole-home weatherization and electrification retrofits for both single- and multi-family income eligible customer housing.


This partnership has two phases. For Phase 1, ComEd is supporting monitoring and analysis (with partner Slipstream) of a full electrification demonstration at an affordable multi-family building. In the selected building, the gas cooking ranges, domestic hot water heaters, gas clothes dryers and gas furnaces will be retrofitted with electric ranges, clothes dryer, heat pumps and heat pump water heaters. The project team recruited nine building residents to participate in detailed monitoring that will help ComEd and Elevate assess how the electrification retrofits impact energy savings, utility bills and indoor air quality. Monitoring equipment was installed in each of the nine units at least two months prior to the retrofit to aid in the comparison of pre- and post-installation monitoring data.

For Phase 2, Elevate is implementing a larger-scale electrification program with the goal of recruiting 100 customers across a mix of single- and multi-family income eligible customer homes. These customers will be offered combined weatherization and full electrification retrofits, as well as electrical upgrades as needed. Elevate will conduct air quality monitoring at selected sites and also survey participating customers about their experience.