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Project Launch: 04/01/2017

Partner: CLEAResult

This pilot offered customers the opportunity to exchange their traditional holiday light strands for energy-efficient LED holiday lights.


This pilot took place in the winter of 2017/18. It targeted LED holiday string lights as a new energy efficiency measure. Customers were encouraged to exchange their traditional (incandescent) holiday light strands for efficient LED strands. Exchange events were held in convenient locations such as Home Depot and Lincoln Park Zoo and supplemented with educational materials and other efficiency measure giveaways.


In 2018, a TRM workpaper was completed and accepted for version 7. The new TRM measure requires the exchange of old lights for new lights rather than just the purchase of new lights, which limits its potential. In winter 2018/19, the residential offerings team held another series of exchange events and may continue to repeat them in the future; the events are high visibility and create a positive interaction between customers and the ComEd® Energy Efficiency Program.