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Project Launch: 11/01/2021
Cross Cutting

Partners: Griffin & Strong P.C.

The project team is conducting research to support the creation of a robust Market Development Initiative (MDI) to be administered 2022-2025. The goal of the MDI will be to increase contracting opportunities for diverse business enterprises and community based organizations and assist them in developing the necessary capabilities to participate in the delivery of the energy efficiency program portfolio.


The Market Development Initiative strives to elevate diverse supplier participation in the ComEd Energy Efficiency Program. To that end, the project team will conduct internal and market assessments to determine best practices and a recommended roadmap for achieving desired goals.

The scope of research will address several questions:

  • Is ComEd meeting its diversity and inclusion goals?
  • How is ComEd implementing its goals (what is working well and what can be improved)?
  • Who is benefiting most from ComEd investments and diversity programs?
  • What are demand-side gaps and barriers?
  • What are supply-side availabilities and capacities?
  • What are best practices in diverse supplier inclusion strategies and related workforce development?