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Project Launch: 06/01/2020

Partner: Enervee

This project tested the evaluable energy savings impact associated with the Enervee Efficient Choice platform and its potential fit for the ComEd Energy Efficiency Program.


The Enervee Efficient Choice platform brings together data for users to review and compare residential appliances and electronics, including pricing, features, popularity and user feedback. The platform also rates the energy efficiency of products compared to similar models and provides links to local retailers where chosen products may be purchased. By providing energy information in an accessible format, the platform seeks to drive customer behavior without the use of utility incentives.

ComEd customers were invited and directed to the platform through various marketing methods, including emails and notices on the ComEd website. A sample of customers who use the platform were surveyed to understand how their purchasing decisions were impacted by the Efficient Choice platform, and whether their purchases resulted in measurable and predictable energy savings.

ComEd customers may access the Efficient Choice platform at

Results and Outcomes

After impact evaluation of the platform, the total verified net savings are 414.1 MWh for evaluated measures and the annualized verified net savings for evaluated and extrapolated measures is 509.2 MWh. Accounting for cross-participation (the removal of savings already accounted for in other ComEd offerings), the total verified net savings are determined to be 133.3 MWh for evaluated measures. The extrapolated savings for all measures, removing cross-participation, is 174.3 MWh. The Efficient Choice platform reached over 40,000 customers during its pilot period thanks to exceptional marketing performance. As a result of the evaluated savings, high customer satisfaction, and customer education benefits of this pilot, the Efficient Choice platform has been approved as an offering in the ComEd Energy Efficiency Program.