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Project Launch: 08/01/2021

Partners: Slipstream, Passive House Institute US (PHIUS)

Buildings in this pilot will pursue PHIUS certification, resulting in long-lasting energy savings and healthy, comfortable living spaces while increasing market adoption of best-in-class building energy efficiency.


This project builds on prior R&D work which studied the energy savings and cost effectiveness of affordable multi-family buildings built to the PHIUS standard. A new tier of residential new construction with enhanced incentives will be integrated into the ComEd Energy Efficiency Program portfolio. ComEd will work with builders and developers of multi-family affordable housing to achieve PHIUS certification. A PHIUS advisor will work with the project team and all major building construction elements will be addressed: HVAC, domestic hot water, lighting, windows, roof, walls and insulation. Incentives will be provided both pre- and post-construction to help defray costs for the builders. Tenants of buildings that achieve PHIUS certification will benefit from lower energy costs compared to non-certified buildings and a healthier living environment.