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Project Launch: 07/01/2022

Partner: Slipstream

The project team will investigate the market potential and evaluate savings from the retrofit of existing pressure independent control valves with additional sensors and controls.


“Smart valves” are pressure independent control valves (PICVs) with on-board electronics to control supply air temperature via variable flow control. Previous Emerging Technologies research investigated the savings from a retrofit of a chilled water system with these smart valves, noting high energy savings potential for facilities with older water-cooled chiller systems. However, water-cooled chiller systems with PICVs already installed may also see energy savings benefits from the retrofit of electronic controls onto those PICVs, effectively turning them into smart valves and allowing integration with an existing building automation system.

Through market research and field evaluation of PICV controls retrofits, the project team will provide an overview of the savings opportunity this intervention represents, as well as identify a methodology and framework for accurately estimating the savings for smart-controlled PICV installations as differentiated from retrofitting existing PICVs with smart controls.