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Project Launch: 09/01/2022

Partner: Slipstream

This research project will characterize the existing propane-heating market in ComEd’s service territory and determine if propane-heat customers offer ComEd a strong opportunity for heat pump deployment.


Customers with propane heating are a niche market in ComEd's service territory and, compared to customers with electric and natural gas heating, less is known about them. This project seeks to learn more about this customer segment and identify potential pathways for ComEd to better serve them. The research team will do an in-depth characterization of propane-heat customers, including identification of where they are primarily located, the size of the existing market and how much they pay for propane heat. Furthermore, after characterizing the market, the research team will determine whether certain electrification opportunities make sense for propane-heat customers and, if so, provide recommendations on how ComEd can better serve them.