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Project Launch: 03/01/2018

Partners: Slipstream, Green Marbles

This pilot examined how residential customers view and interact with smart home technologies by analyzing bundles of connected devices in customer homes.


This pilot, a partnership with the ComEd® Customer Solutions Innovation Team, aimed to gain a better understanding of how residential customers view and interact with smart home technologies. Numerous devices exist to control home functions remotely or wirelessly, from light bulbs and outlets to thermostats and faucets. Green Marbles installed bundles of connected devices in eight homes and Slipstream analyzed device-level usage data and surveyed homeowners to determine how people use connected devices that impact energy, how customers feel about that experience, and which functions within these devices have the potential to save energy.


The project team encountered major issues establishing consistent access to the output data from most of the connected devices. However, this is an important lesson learned from this effort. Due to delays in collecting output data, the final report and analysis was delivered in Q2 2019. The Emerging Technologies Team is reviewing the report and its recommendations.