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Project Launch: 01/01/2019
Income Eligible

Partner: Blacks in Green

This outreach pilot studied the impact of increased community-based infrastructure and communication on awareness of the ComEd Energy Efficiency Program in the West Woodlawn neighborhood.


Blacks in Green (BIG) developed a novel outreach concept to increase awareness of energy efficiency offerings in Chicago’s West Woodlawn neighborhood. Through this pilot, BIG brought real, trusted avenues to reach populations that face barriers to participation in the ComEd Energy Efficiency Program. Coinciding with the Street Operating System (SOS) pilot launch, BIG also opened their Green Living Room, a physical community gathering place that includes free Wi-Fi and similar amenities, through which climate, energy, emergency, community news, career connections and conservation lifestyle tips are shared.


Over the course of the pilot, BIG conducted door-to-door outreach to 1,146 homes in the West Woodlawn community and hosted 55 events to share information about the Green Living Room, energy efficiency and relevant ComEd offerings. Between the opening of the Green Living Room in August 2019 to the end of the pilot period in March 2020, over 1,900 people visited or attended events in the Green Living Room. BIG hired several part-time employees to conduct program outreach and staff the Green Living Room and they also developed a variety of educational and professional development opportunities to support their staff in finding careers in the energy industry.