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Project Launch: 04/01/2018

Partners: Slipstream and QM Power

This pilot studied the energy savings and demand reduction from retrofitting refrigerated cases and walk-in coolers with synchronous motors.


The pilot team deployed Q-sync motors, a new type of Permanent Magnet Alternate Current Motor that can replace shaded pole or EC motors in existing refrigerated cases and walk-in coolers/freezers and monitor fan/motor energy performance before and after replacement. Slipstream recruited three supermarkets and deployed 18 Q-sync motor retrofits in walk-in coolers and refrigerated display cases. Slipstream analyzed field data and provided qualitative lessons derived from field work, including cost, installation, and operational impacts.


It was determined in early 2018 that there was already enough available data verifying the energy savings associated with Q-Sync motors for reach-in refrigerated display cases. Thus, the measure was submitted as a workpaper to the TRM. As less validation data was available for walk-in freezer/cooler applications, ComEd® decided to obtain the necessary data through this pilot. Full results can be found in the final project report, available upon request. A TRM measure update for version 8 has been submitted using the savings estimates from the pilot. As next steps, the Emerging Technologies Team will work with the Standard incentives and Small Business teams to create a plan to promote their new Q-Sync motors measures.