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Project Launch: 08/01/2020
Cross Cutting

Partners: Evergreen Economics, GDS Associates

The project team will conduct research into water heating equipment technologies with significant energy savings and market potential for ComEd residential and commercial customers.


The project team will research a variety of water heating advancements to identify the most promising technologies for ComEd to pursue. Due to high penetration of natural gas water heating in northern Illinois, this end use has historically been underserved by the ComEd Energy Efficiency Program. The team will start with a broad list of technologies, including different types of water heaters, water heating systems and controls, and complete a full review of their technological, energy efficiency and market potential. The market potential assessment will include primary research with relevant market actors and secondary research on supply chain structures, product costs and the complexity of program intervention needed. Finally, the team will develop one or more program strategies for the residential and commercial sectors based on the insights from the research.