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Project Launch: 09/01/2020
Cross Cutting

Partner: Axiom Marketing Inc.

This research project sought to deepen the understanding of business goals and needs of water solution providers so ComEd can collaborate with them to implement significant water and energy savings.


The project team conducted interviews with ComEd customers, regional water associations, special interest groups, engineering firms and water solution providers in the ComEd service territory to understand needs, barriers and past experiences with water conservation and upgrade projects. The team identified opportunities for ComEd to work with water solution providers to implement new measures that will provide their customers with water and energy savings. The team worked with ComEd to review and select the opportunities with the greatest water, energy and cost savings potential and developed a strategy to test and implement the new measures.

Results and Outcomes

  • First cost and risk aversion were the greatest barriers to implementing water and energy conservation measures for municipal, commercial and industrial customers. Proven reliability of new equipment is important.
  • Municipalities tend to require longer lead time for capital projects and require approval from multiple decision makers.
  • Both customers and water solution providers were interested in collaborating with ComEd and customers see value in the expertise and support an energy utility could provide in conducting energy audits, benchmarking and creating step-wise energy plans.
  • Aeration, blower and diffuser technologies for water and wastewater treatment can offer significant energy savings.

Based on their analysis of the interview findings, the project team created a list of the top seven proposed projects for ComEd to consider providing municipal, commercial and industrial customers with significant water and energy savings and to address the specific needs and barriers identified in the study. These proposed projects include helping customers develop energy plans, providing incentives for efficient wastewater treatment technologies, and providing financial assistance to customers to address first-cost barriers through on-bill financing.

Read the executive summary and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request a copy of the full report.